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DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch posted an open letter to former President Donald Trump in a Facebook post Monday evening.

Read DML’s letter below:

Dear President Trump:

You opened your CPAC speech by asking a simple question: “Do you miss me yet?” No doubt a rhetorical question on your part — you know WE all miss you. In using the word “WE”, I don’t mean “we the conservatives.” I mean “WE” as in the entire country.

Prior to my podcast today, I decided to open The New York Times app. I have it placed right next to The DML NEWS APP on my iPhone. I check the NY Times each day for purposes of entertainment. And today it was very entertaining.

Despite Biden’s lackluster start, and despite the mounting issues he’s causing at the border and around the world, The New York Times had just one article about him on the home page. Sadly, it was about 3/4 the way down towards the bottom. The article focused on Biden meeting with the president of Mexico. Meanwhile, at the top of the The New York Times was an article about you, and then underneath the top story was another article about you at CPAC. And then another article about you, and another article about you… it just never seems to end. They are obsessed with Trump! The editorial staff at the Times won’t admit it, but I’m betting they wish it was you occupying the Oval Office.

The Times places you above the fold on most days, and the same can be said with CNN and WaPo. It appears as if the liberal outlets are chewing on glass without you around. The pain of not having TRUMP to boost their ratings and drive web traffic is only outdone by the pain of trying to quote Biden without it appearing as if every sentence has a typo.

I am willing to bet that the liberal news media outlets can’t wait for you to run in 2024. Not only will you end Biden’s boring and incoherent short stay, but it’s no fun trying to play cops and robbers without you in the game. I have a friend in the mainstream media. She says writing an interesting article about Biden is like trying to perform CPR on a skeleton.

When I was done listening to your speech yesterday, especially the first half when you listed some of your accomplishments, I was left very confused. I asked myself, “Why would 80 million people in this country vote against Trump?” Perhaps a rhetorical question on my part, but questions of this kind seem to be in fashion these days.

I think I speak for tens of millions of people when saying you’ve got my support if you run in 2024, and if you do not run then I urge you to support Gov. Ron DeSantis. I recently made the move from NY to FL and he is nothing short of remarkable. He can be the next great champion for MAGA.

In closing, it was GREAT to see you yesterday on stage. We all miss you. And we applaud your persistence and energy. We appreciate your love of America, and we thank you for all you’ve done over the past four years. And on a personal note, I would be remiss not to mention something else…

When you list your accomplishments, you never take credit for something close to my heart. If it was not for your FARM BILL, there would be no CBD boom in the US. And therefore I am SUPER grateful due to the ongoing growth and success of In the same way you receive an endless flow of people saying you’re the greatest president of all time, I get an ocean of testimonials claiming DML CBD is the best CBD brand in the US. I always respond by giving you credit. I say, “If it wasn’t for Trump’s FARM BILL there would be no” Therefore, anything you need Mr. President… just let me know. You get a free lifetime supply of DML CBD. I’ll even drop it off myself to West Palm. I’m only a few exits north.

We miss you,

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  1. I love your open letter to President Trump. I am his biggest fan and always will be. I love his candor and his bluntness about the ways things are which is always correct in my view. As a woman who is not offended by the truth, I just love him and so glad millions also feel the same way. Thank you DML for all you do as well!

  2. Oh, I love the letter. You spoke for all of us…. Thank you….I have told several people to follow you. Saying you seem to get the news before anyone. Thanks again

  3. Great Letter to President Trump from the heart of DML. The Country is missing the security of knowing he is in charge and
    helping all Americans to prosper.

  4. Great Letter to President Trump DML! I got pretty emotional yesterday when President Trump walked out to do his speech. With the Great Lee Greenwood song! We really miss President Trump. He did so many great things for our country and he and his family were put through HELL by the DemoRats. There will never be another President like President Trump. He truly loves our country. He is still our President! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. I prefer DeSantis for many reasons. Look at all facts, Trump must step back. Mr. Warp speed and bumpstock banner needs to step back..

    • If you had a business, believe me you would do whatever it takes to promote it. Of course you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m not replying to slam you but to open your mind and heart to people who work hard for their family and in this case DML works hard for us too. That’s if you support him. BTW DML CBD products are really good 😀

  6. DML, your letter is spot on, but why do you NOT acknowledge that Trump won the election and it was stolen from him via voter fraud? I am SO tired of people saying this did NOT happen, just because the proof is dismissed by the crooked courts!

  7. MP and Carol obviously don’t appreciate everything Trump did for the American People.
    When you have 75 million strong, and probably a whole lot more supporting you, it is clear who is still leader of Rep party, he did more in a short time than many presidents did in 8 years. I’m sure Trump appreciated the letter DML. After everything the loser Dems have done to Trump and he still holds strong, most people would have folded. Good news is always welcomed.

  8. A great letter to President Trump!!! I love My President and First Lady!!!
    My President Trump Best President Ever
    Again in 2024🇺🇸👍🇺🇸❣️🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  9. DML i really likes Desantis to be our next president but we really need President Trump..we will not surrender they stole this election …President Trump needs to sign executive Order for reparations to pay 75 millions who voted for him all mental stress that democrat did in this election….if the democrat will passed the black reparations


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