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As part of his effort to influence the 2020 elections, on September 15, 2019, Dennis Michael Lynch is launching Season 1 of America the Beautiful exclusively on

According to Lynch, the weekly series explores the positive, promise and success taking shape in America. “Too many people say America is on the decline…  Lets prove the naysayers wrong,” says Dennis Michael Lynch in the newly launched video promo for the series.

Lynch, once a Fox News audience favorite, flirted with a presidential run in 2016 only to pull out just prior to Trump announcing his candidacy.  “It wasn’t easy for me to walk away, in an online survey conducted by The Kelly File, 86% of the Fox News viewers said they would vote for me,” Lynch told his viewers during a recent DML LIVE program on

Lynch believes his efforts in 2016 to promote Trump helped the billionaire beat Hillary Clinton.  “My Newsmax show was always pro-Trump.  I held the highest rated program every night, and it set records at the network. And then after I left in August, I started doing the Facebook Walk & Talk videos.  I had over 100 million videos plays on 100,000 shares in just 3 months.  Those sort of numbers on Facebook are unbelievable.  We had more plays than Trump did himself as a candidate.”

Lynch did more than just post videos encouraging women and Independent voters to support Trump, he created the popular duo known today as Diamond & Silk.  Lynch tells DMLNewsApp, “I found the girls on YouTube.  They had two videos.  Both videos were too long, boring, and filled with profanity, but they liked Trump.  I saw an opportunity there — I contacted them and we signed an agreement that I’d teach them media and broadcasting.  The first thing I did was give the sisters their nicknames, then I created the sit down routine they do each day. Too add in some fun I colored Silk’s drink a new color for each video, and to make an impact I taught Diamond how to convey a positive, powerful message in 3 minutes or less.  I scripted their first video, and then put it out to all the major media outlets.  Fox, CNN, MSNBC and Trump all called the next day. The rest is history.”

America the Beautiful is the first TV-style program for the political filmmaker.  “I have never done a TV style series, it’s harder than making a film,” Lynch tells DML News App.

The weekly program is set as a podcast which Lynch uses to tell the story of his journeys around the U.S. “My two oldest kids traveled with me from state to state with the objective of showcasing the people, places and things the media often ignores because they want to highlight gloom and doom. We focus on the positive,” says Lynch.  “The country is doing better than the media wants people to think, and although there are big problems people are doing things to solve them.  People are doing better than they were under Obama, and we plan to show it.”

Lynch says there will be 4 seasons leading up to the election followed by what will be his last political film ever, called Fighting For Trump.  “I’m done making films,  it’s a young man’s job. I’ve got a few in post production now, and then I’ll give my everything to Fighting For Trump.  When that’s done I’d rather support other filmmakers — or my kids — by being the executive producer on projects.”  The Fighting For Trump film is named after a book he is writing, set to be released later this year.

Lynch says his strategy is for his TeamDML subscribers to watch the series first. “We’ll watch it together and then strategize as a group how to promote it to the masses,” says Lynch.

Season 1 of the series will premiere on September 15, with Season 2 launching in late December.  Seasons 3 and 4, which have not yet been filmed, are set to launch in April and September 2020 respectively.

Season 1 covers the states of Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Kansas. “We cover everything from how people are thriving in this economy to how people are creating programs to help with drug addiction. We visit mom and pop manufacturing plants, and showcase efforts to help the homeless, veterans, and school safety.  There’s so much in there that is great again,” claims Lynch.

Each season is 6 episodes, says Lynch. “The big plan is to launch the 6-episodes of the first 3 seasons on and then post them months later to iTunes, Amazon Prime and”  Season 4 of America The Beautiful and the Fighting For Trump film will be launched all at the same time  on all of the platforms right before Election Day.

Lynch says Trump needs forces like TeamDML in order to win the election.  He tells DML News App, “We have all of the media against us, and its getting harder to use social media to get the message out because of liberal biases at those companies, so I really hope people and help me repeat what we did in 2016.” is a subscription service with 2,000 members and growing.  Lynch’s promo trailer for America the Beautiful is available to watch below (hit the volume button for sound).

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