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Author E. Jean Carroll answered President Donald Trump’s assertion that she isn’t his “type.”

Trump told interviewers from the Hill that Carroll’s sexual misconduct allegation against him was false.

“I’ll say it with great respect: No. 1, she’s not my type. No. 2, it never happened. It never happened, OK?” he said to interviewers Saagar Enjeti and Jordan Fabian.

In response, Carroll said, “I love that. I’m so glad I’m not his type.”

Carroll said she may have been the “most attractive woman” at the store at that time, and she had been thrilled to have Trump’s attention.

Carroll also said Trump has a history of denying claims of sexual assault against him.


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    • Yep, everyone has a price. The ONLY person not begging paid off is President Trump!! Attention, Needing money to live they’r lavish lives. Anyone else see how Ford was paid after the Kavanaugh hearings?? GO FUND ME FOR A MILLION DOLLARS, ALEX… HOW MUCH FORD WAS PAID TO DISRUPT KAVANAUGH?

  1. I dint want to hear this crap. Again every single time Pres Trump is doing good the Dems pull this crap. Pls pls DML let’s not give these people air time. It’s all over the place already. You’re way better then them. Damn I despise the Democratic Party. Filthy dirty low lives want to ruin OUR LIVES!

  2. You know the women who talked about Roy Moore, none sued him for sexual harassment, after he lost. They all got that big democrat socialist PAC check and disappeared!

  3. Can’t imagine Trump being interested in this woman, don’t believe he’s ever been that desperate.

  4. This kind of crap happened because thast the only garbage they have to attack our President 2016 they brought how many liars accusing Trump with the same liars 👎👎

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