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Responses poured in after a challenge was set Monday evening on a White House petition requesting mandatory e-Verify for all businesses in the United States.

The petition now has over 10,200 signatures… but it needs a total of 100,000 signatures by June 13, 2018, in order to get a response from the White House. 

Tuesday, DML News CEO, Dennis Michael Lynch, who is heavily supporting the petition, said it’s now time to turn on the gas, and expressed concern that it took a week to get to 10,000 signatures.

“I can’t believe we don’t have bigger numbers on this thing than we do. If we can’t get this done, President Trump isn’t going to take it seriously and the border will remain open,” DML warned.

DML said every American who cares about the rule of law should be signing this petition“I’ve been solicited for 10 years to get behind petitions. This is the first one I’ve ever participated in. That’s how important this is,” DML said.

Over 62 million Americans voted for President Trump in November 2016, based on his stance against illegal immigration. Out of those people, we need at least 100,000 to get his attention on the importance of mandatory e-Verify… and we have 3 weeks to get it done!

Now, with over 10,000 signatures, if every person who has signed the petition shared it with 10 other people, we could far exceed our goal!  Monday, over 1,600 new signatures were added. NEW GOAL FOR TUESDAY: 2,500 signatures!  If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so NOW. If you have already signed it, please share news of the petition with 10 others!


VALIDATE YOUR SIGNATURE: After signing the petition, an email will be sent immediately, where you will need to confirm your signature. Your signature WILL NOT BE VALID until you check your email and click the link to confirm your signature.

Please CLICK HERE to sign the petition TODAY.

The petition was launched on Monday, May 14, by Philadelphia businessman Edward Bishop, who says he’s tired of waiting on politicians to get the job done, and insists it’s time for Americans to get involved.

If you have any doubt that E-Verify should be mandatory, please watch the following interview with ‘angel mom’ Donna Hoera.

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