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Written by DML
Not a day passes without someone contacting us about Facebook, and it’s silencing of conservatives.  Below is the most recent complaint received.

This comes in from MONICA: Hi Team DML and Dennis, Until very recently when I went on FB all of your posts were at the top of my feed. I was actually able to set my preferences this way. Now when I go on FB I no longer see your posts. I went to your page and I dont see any area where I reselect my preferences to have your posts have priority on the top of my feed… So basically FB removed you from my feed… Also I am a supporter, your page is the only one I support which makes it even more ridiculous that you are not priority on my feed… It makes me sick the level they go to hide you Dennis in advance of the election! Thanks for all you do, Monica

It’s not only reflected in our numbers (revenue), but we see our Facebook LIVE counts fluctuate depending on the title we post.  If I slam Democrats in the title, we see less people come onto the feed.  If my title is anti-conservative, meaning, I rip into Fox News for being dishonest, then the numbers skyrocket.

My advise to you is to mark our pages “SEE FIRST”.  I refer to our main page, and our second page,

To be 100% iron clad not to lose us for the election, you can take a 3-step approach.  The steps are below.

1) FREE: Download the DML NEWS APP.  Turn the notifications ON.  Not only will you get all our news, but you will get alerts stating when I am LIVE on Facebook and  You can get the DML NEWS APP from the Google Play or IOS Store.

2) TeamDML 99cent Supporter on Facebook. Go to our main page on Facebook ( and under the marque video towards the top is the option to become a supporter.  This is a Facebook driven program, whereas you pay 99 cents per month (70% of the revenue goes to us) to be locked in on getting our news and videos in your feed.  I think this is sinful that Facebook charges money to do this, but amid an election season we have no choice but to support the program.  It is well worth the $12 you will pay this year.

3) membership.  Every day, either myself or Michael Cutler (former ICE agent) holds a program at 10:30am eastern.   There are other perks to membership, and we offer different options.  But for a little as $5.99 per month you can be locked into for this election season.   The other great thing about that membership is you receive discounts on our DML PURE CBD products.


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