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Massive fallout has erupted over the White House’s decision to ban CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from an event in the Rose Garden Wednesday afternoon, after she repeatedly shouted a question at President Trump during a photo-op in the Oval Office with European Union (EU) Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

As reporters were being asked to leave the room, Collins raised her voice and asked additional questions of Trump. The Hill reported on Collin’s questions as follows:

She asked, “Did Michael Cohen betray you, Mr. President?” and repeated the question once, according to CNN.

She then asked, “Mr. President, are you worried about what Michael Cohen is about to say to the prosecutors? Are you worried about what is on the other tapes, Mr. President?”

When Trump didn’t respond, Collins asked, “Why is Vladimir Putin not accepting your invitation, Mr. President?”

Trump reportedly ignored the questions and said, “Thank you very much, everybody” to the press pool.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and deputy chief of staff for communications Bill Shine told Collins her questions were inappropriate, and she was therefore banned from attending the next event in the Rose Garden.

Collins later tweeted that the statement from John Bolton announcing that the next meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was delayed until next year came after she had asked her question of Trump.

Outraged has poured in on Twitter over Collins being banned.

CNN Reporter Jim Acosta, who has often clashed with Trump, tweeted that this is “a new low for the White House.”

Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern (Mass.) tweeted, “Wannabe tyrant Donald Trump is banning reporters he doesn’t like from official press events. Journalists like @kaitlancollins ask questions not just for their news outlet, but on behalf of all Americans. Shutting them out is a slap in the face to our democracy.”

High profile attorney Lisa Bloom weighed in, tweeting, “I think this is a clear First Amendment violation, if CNN chose to challenge it. POTUS cannot punish a reporter because he doesn’t like her challenging questions.”

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  1. She is a rude bitch and has no respect or anyone. There is a time and a place for all questions and she is trying to be the next one trying to be the news instead of reporting it. Nothing said on CNN is true so why even send a reporter ?? Just make it up the way you always do.

  2. Be as outraged as you like “satanic CNN”! No one cares what you are outraged about. We have had all we wish to hear and take from the alleged MSM “satanic puppets” of the Deep State, Luceferian, “Cabal”. To include Hollywood, the globalist MSM, Print Media, Cable, Google, Youtube, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Monsanto, etc., all one big, distantly related satanic, Family of Hivite’s. All allegedly working together for their own evil ends against Humanity. We see you people. Your day of reckoning is coming.

  3. CNN reporters as a whole should be banned from the entire area of the Whitehouse, including the grounds. Those so-called reporters are ignorant, piles of vomit, retarded and unprincipled and should have their Press Passes taken away. ALL of CNN, especially Jim Acosta.

  4. It is bad enough that the WH has to listen and put up with your rudeness but when a foreign dignatary is visiting and the press is rude, you are an embarrassment to yourself, your company, co-workers and definitely to the people of this country who believe in civility, manners and rules. Any of you should be banned if not using respectful civility.

  5. maybe if they start telling the truth for a change instead of the unnames sources,rumors,gossip,fantasy asnd unsubstantiated and unverified reports,,,,then the people and the White House would take CNN more serious,,,,all they are is a Liberal Hillary asskissing news network trying to tear down our POTUS who brought this country back from the bottom and now we are respected again,,,,oh by the way,,,Hows that BS Russia collusion thing going? LMAO!

  6. Media has no respect for the President. They should all b banned from the WH. Where the hell did these bozos get their training. Loud abusive shouting questions are abusive. Screw the press. They should get more training in their role.

  7. CNN is one sided and full of Shit. They need to stop playing for the Dem’s And just do there job the right way.

  8. I don’t think DML should have given this any attention. That is all CNN reporters want is attention. She just wants to take Acosta’s place as the rudest media hog. I wish the worm would turn on the democrats. And it will and then you will hear all about how unfair the media is and we can all laugh and point!!

  9. The first issue I have with all these comments suggesting our POTUS apologize to the CNN ‘reporter’ is that all he did was ignore a fake news agency and faux journalist. I personally have seen little to suggest that the trash put forth by CNN is journalism. It is journalism in the same vein as the ‘World News’ imagining stories such as ‘the dog faced boy’ and ‘woman gives birth to litter of puppies’. CNN clean up your act, and show efforts of actual reporting of actual events, and your hack reporters might someday qualify as journalists.

  10. the president has the authority to ban terrorist journalists of cnn ,that trying by false wquestion fake news to find some answer to impeach the president with the complicity of mueller falsly nominated by rosenstein to unseat our president

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