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DML News received a letter today from Karen, one of our readers, that needs to be shared with every American. Karen explains so well the sacrifices that farm families have to make, and the unequal playing field they must work in, as grain prices are not much different than they were 40 years ago, but expenses have soared.

Please take time to read Karen’s important letter below:

Dear DML:
This is a little long but please bear with me. My family is a third generation farm family, and telling society that you are a farmer is like telling them you voted for Trump, you are immediately ridiculed and ostracized.

It doesn’t matter that you work 16-24 hours a day to put food on the tables of 321.1 million Americans alone, or that you are the only business in the economy who buys everything at retail yet has to sell everything at wholesale and pays the freight both ways. In 1978 the price of soybeans were $6.42 per bushel today forty years later they are about $7.79 and falling, gasoline was .65 cents a gallon, today it’s $2.89 and climbing, combines were $4,836 and today they are $500,000.00+.

I could go on and on but you can do the math. I quit my job to go to work on the farm in 2002 to help cut the cost of labor expenses and my husband has continued to work even though he was diagnosed with MS twelve years ago and had an accident five years ago that left him with multiple injuries and lifelong disabilities.

Our employee’s are legal American citizens and we pay them $24 per hour. You can forget finding seasonal help anymore because we cannot compete with the welfare system no matter how much we are willing to pay because today’s generation has no need or desire to work. DACA needs to end and the welfare system needs to be reformed, we must stop allowing able bodied Americans from making a career out of welfare.

Now to the tariffs, if they continue they will surely put my family out of business and most others who have been hanging by a thread anyway but we will stand by our President in hopes that he will finally right the wrongs of unfair trade practices in all businesses for the US.

No other country does more for the rest of the world than we do and no other country gets taken advantage of like we do, it’s time to put America first instead of putting us dead last. Nothing great comes without sacrifices and the sacrifices we will have to make will never compare to the sacrifices that our service men and woman in this country make every day for all of us, so this family of rice and soybean farmers stand with our President because for the first time in decades we have one that stands for us!

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