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DML News has received a letter from Kathy Bastean, a Gold Star mother whose son, LCPL Jordan Bastean, died on October 23, 2011.

Her letter deserves to be shared publicly, far and wide, as she shares information about a cross country run currently taking place to honor fallen heroes, which the national media has completely ignored.

Kathy, on behalf of DML and all of TEAM DML, we thank your son for his service.

Below is her letter:

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if you had heard about the Run for the Fallen? Run for the Fallen is a cross country run that George Lutz (Gold Star Father) planned for 2 years and executed. The run began April 7th in Fort Irwin, California and will end in Arlington National Cemetery on August 5th.

The run is to remember, according to date of death, military members who died while active duty since October 12, 2000. Each day the runners begin at 7am, as the runners start they will be carrying a full size American Flag and a list of names of military members who were lost on the given day. When they reach the mile they will stop and have a ceremony along the side of the road.

The ceremony consists of a symbolic mile marker (person who holds a paper mile marker), a person who will read the names of those who died that day. As the names are called a stick flag is tapped on the road and given to the symbolic mile marker. If any Gold Star family members are present, they will be given the stick flag. To see this you can go to their web page and click on the live news feed:

My son, LCPL Jordan Bastean’s died on October 23, 2011 his mile marker was near Westphalia, IN. It was mile #4 of day 84 and overall 3778 miles. I drove over 4 hours just to hear my son’s name read. There was a family who drove from Colorado to hear theirs son’s name read the mile prior to mine. I know of a family from Bloomington, IL who went to Georgia to be at their son’s mile marker. There is such an outpouring from the Gold Star community and such lengths are being taken just to hear a loved ones name and to be present when they are honored.

The run is currently in Alabama and they were surprised when Randy Owens from Alabama waited over 2 hours along the roadside to sing the national Anthem for the runners. The founder, George, has stated that there has been absolutely no national media coverage of the run. Local media has been out to report each day but nothing more than that.

I was hoping this would be a story that DML would like to report on and maybe the national media would jump on the bandwagon, too.

Kathy Bastean

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