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A simple, patriotic bumper sticker with a big, bold message is growing in popularity, amid the constant attacks from the left over the American flag.

National sovereignty, national borders, national pride, the national anthem, and the U.S. flag… those are are “dirty words” to the left now, scorned, cast aside, and labeled as “racism.”

Instead, Democrats are continually calling for immigration “reform” that includes open borders and a pathway to citizenship for any and all who wish to come.

DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch shared a powerful reminder on Memorial Day weekend of an incident that took place in October 2013, when American patriots and veterans came together to protest the Obama administration’s closure of war memorials in Washington, D.C., preventing veterans from accessing the memorials. During the same time, the national mall was wide open for a pro-immigrant rally.

PLEASE WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO, then scroll down for more details.

SHOW THE WORLD WHERE YOU STAND! DML News was inspired to create the “I Stand For My Flag” bumper sticker when the NFL players first began disrespecting the flag by kneeling during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner,” and it has remained one of our most popular items. American patriots across the nation have continued to use them to show they’re standing tall for the U.S. flag and the freedoms it represents.… and they WON’T BACK DOWN!

THE BUMPER STICKER is just $4.99

It measures 3 inches by 8.25 inches and will be mailed via UPS.
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One of our readers, James Bullaro of Monroe, NY, recently sent a photo sharing a creative idea for displaying his bumper sticker – he posted it to the advertisement board in his local gym!