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A new documentary addressing the homeless crisis in America is now soaring on Amazon Prime, and has been viewed by over 50,000 people in just three weeks!

“United States of Tents” addresses many aspects of the homeless crisis in America that no one else in the media is showing you. You will be shocked, saddened, and inspired by the stories – and the solutions – offered in this powerful documentary by filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch and two of his adult children, Denny Lynch and Ashley Lynch.

The new documentary launched on Amazon Prime on October 21 has skyrocketed in popularity, with nearly 1.7 million minutes streamed, and over 50,000 people watching the film in its first three weeks.

As of last Saturday, Amazon reported the film had been streamed 1.16 million minutes. Then, on Sunday alone, a stunning 460,000 minutes were streamed.

Lynch said, at this rate, he expects “United States of Tents” to reach 5 million minutes streamed and 100,000 people watching by the end of the year.

The homeless crisis in the U.S. is real, and Americans are finally seeing the truth about this issue.  “United States of Tents” not only exposes the crisis, but it shares real solutions.

“We urge everyone to please watch this film on Amazon Prime, and take time to rate it and leave a review after you watch it,” Lynch said Tuesday morning.

CLICK HERE to WATCH. This film is not political – it addresses a crisis that is affecting Americans of all ages all across the nation, and will move and inspire everyone who watches it!

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  1. Several good people in addition to urself DML are out there trying so HELP solve- small but affective— u r probably way ahead of me but how about networking them AND allowing others to volunteer helping in some capacity-a coordinating effort on large level but starting smaller to figure out whats needed, where how- people are willing to help- some w/ $ some with their bare hands— they just dont know where or how to begin- help us!

  2. Congratulations DML. for helping to open America’s eyes.

    In WWII no one believed rumors of death camps in Europe until our troops got there. Same issue here; you don’t really believe it until you see it


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