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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) hit back at President Trump on Twitter Friday evening, in response to his morning tweets about 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, who she has endorsed.

Trump weighed in on the dilemma Sanders is now facing, as he must leave the campaign trail in order to sit through the Senate’s impeachment trial, which could drag on for weeks.

The president mockingly suggested that this is another way Democrats are rigging the election against Sanders yet again, and said Pelosi’s impeachment timing is now giving the “edge” to former vice president Joe Biden.

Omar retorted, “Don’t worry about Bernie, while he fulfills his oath in the Senate we will stump for him in Iowa. His people powered movement won’t miss a beat 💪🏽.”

Sanders also fired back on Twitter, writing, “Let’s be clear about who is rigging what: it is Donald Trump’s action to use the power of the federal government for his own political benefit that is the cause of the impeachment trial. Democrats are going to unite to sweep him out of the White House in November. ”

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