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Another 82,049 foreign nationals, mostly from Central America, illegally crossed the border into the United States in July – up from 40,149 in July of 2018 – and the media has practically gone quiet about the issue.

However, one documentary filmmaker and immigration expert is continuing to scream the truth, and is now releasing a new film that has the potential to make a major impact on the 2020 presidential election. We need your help to get this out to American voters!

DML News founder Dennis Michael Lynch has produced three eye-opening documentaries on the issues surrounding illegal immigration and how it is impacting America. Now DML has completed a FOURTH (and the most powerful yet) documentary in his “They Come To America” series, regarding the crisis that is forever altering the culture and demographics of America.

“My new immigration film THEY COME TO AMERICA 4 is the most hard-hitting, eye-opening film I have ever done.  It is 18-months in the making and it uses visuals to debunk every report put out by the liberal media.  You will not see anything like it on any mainstream media outlet. There is no American with common sense who watches this film and comes away thinking they should vote for a Democrat.  Independents will watch this film and be all for Trump 2020.”

“They Come to America 4” is now available for pre-order.  UPDATE: Due to the massive demand for this new film, DML has advised that the DVDs are now expected to be available for shipment right after Labor Day.

Don’t wait – ORDER NOW and be one of the first to see this powerful documentary that is sure to have an impact on the 2020 election!  Estimated ship date for all pre-orders is the week right after Labor Day.  Please consider buying multiple DVDs and share them far and wide.

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CLICK HERE for information about DML’s prior documentary films on illegal immigration, “They Come To America I, II and III,” which are now packaged together into a TRILOGY set.


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