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In an exclusive news broadcast to subscribers on Tuesday, retired INS agent, immigration expert and TeamDML contributor Michael Cutler blasted 2020 Democrat contender Pete Buttigieg over his recent statements that America shouldn’t have English as the national language.

“Buttigieg boasted that he provided a municipal ID to illegal aliens in his community and bemoaned the fact that some people want everyone to speak English in America,” Cutler declared.

“We don’t need a common religion, but the mortar that holds a society together is a common language. When you can’t communicate with each other, mistrusts develop,” he explained, noting that even many people on the left are now realizing the need for a common language.

“This is the way you divide and conquer people,” Cutler warned, speaking of Buttigieg and others who have denounced expectations that everyone in America should speak English.

He noted that historians will tell you, whoever wins the war imposes their language, customs and cultures on the country they defeat, and argued that immigrants coming to America shouldn’t be allowed to change the language of the country.

WATCH Cutler’s important commentary in the 2-minute video below:

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