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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), a Somalian refugee who just won a seat in the U.S. Congress in November, suggested Saturday that the U.S. government should re-route some of the money allotted to the military, and spend it on providing housing for every homeless person in the U.S. instead.

She tweeted, “Our homeless issues is a #publichealth crisis!  This year we’ll spend around $700 billion on the military. With an investment of up to $20 billion, we could house every homeless person in the U.S. We need a new budget that prioritizes the people!”

Along with the tweet, Omar shared a link to a report on a speech she gave at a youth climate strike rally in Washington, D.C. on March 15.

Her fellow Muslim congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) tweeted in response, “Chairwoman @MaxineWaters had a committee hearing about it in @FSCDems. It would cost $13 billion to end homelessness. I couldn’t agree more @IlhanMN. Our budget is a reflection of our values.”

DMLNews founder and documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch responded to both Tlaib and Omar in separate Twitter posts, writing:

We spend $700B on military to stop radical Muslims from carrying out Jihad on US soil. This spend may ruffle ur Muslim Brotherhood connected donors, but as they say in Russia: tough shitsky. As for homeless, ask SF how spending billions works at solving the issue. Get a clue!

With $20B we could house every refugee in their home country & have $19B left over. So lets end taking in refugees like you at record breaking numbers! Then lets put the $ we save by NOT taking in so many refugees towards helping our fellow Americans. That’s where we should start.

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  1. oh DML perfect response – please keep it up. these morons think americans will swallow their dribble. are they in for a surprise!!!

  2. These people so offend me! Yet, I like many Americans are expected to roll over and take it! Well, my very arrogant, ignorant sisters, f**k it! Your anti American comments are not wanted! Ms. Omar, Somolia is calling your name! Mrs. Talib, take a masterful hike!

  3. They have no clue, since everything they do is self serving! They don’t care about homeless. They have an agenda.

    • And the Muslim agenda is to take over the United States and make it into third a world country like theirs. Once you read about the Muslim intent to take over the world and make it into an Islamic country you can understand why they want to cut ur military spending.

  4. They are both fundraising for terrorist organizations–they are both anti American criminals & traitors–Omar with her incestuous immigration fraud marriage to her brother & Tlaib with her hijab (hats & sunglasses both banned in Congress) & disrespectful threats to Trump. Of course they would love to see US decrease military spending & lift the travel ban on moslems as well. They are transparent traitor trash & should have been jailed or deported long before now.

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