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The San Fransisco Chronicle reports that there was a public ‘outcry’ after Jose Armando Escobar-Lopez were arrested. Why? Because Escobar-Lopez was an “undocumented immigrant” who was reported by police to ICE.

The Chronicle reports that Escobar-Lopez and his girlfriend were “driving home from church” when Daly City police pulled their car over. Escobar-Lopez was driving without a license, and his immigration status was discovered.

“In California, that wouldn’t have gotten the 21-year-old immigrant from El Salvador into trouble with immigration authorities because the state’s sanctuary law, implemented in 2018, largely prohibits police from cooperating with ICE unless an individual commits a serious crime,” the Chronicle reports. “But on May 11, the police officer arrested Escobar-Lopez then turned him over to federal immigration officials. Now, Escobar-Lopez may be deported.”

Sanctuary cities may continue to deny the dangers of illegal immigration, but one immigration expert has continued to talk about what this is COSTING American citizens.

Over the past decade, Dennis Michael Lynch has produced three powerful documentary films about the costs and the impact of illegal immigration. In his films, DML takes you behind the scenes and provides facts, interviews and real solutions that are never presented by the mainstream media. It is critically important that the eye-opening information in these films be shared, now, more than ever.

Every person who has watched DML’s documentaries say these films opened their eyes to the TRUTH about the border in a way they’ve never seen before. These three films are timeless, and a MUST-SEE for anyone concerned about protecting the sovereignty of the United States.

The 3 films are titled:

  • They Come To America I – The Cost of Illegal Immigration
  • They Come To America II – The Cost of Amnesty
  • They Come To America III – The Cost of Obama’s Legacy

Now they are all packaged into one complete DVD set.

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Below is a video with scenes from one of the “They Come To America” documentaries included in this Trilogy set:


Eleanore: Insight you won’t get watching media. Recommended.

Eva: These films should be required viewing!!!

Joe: Your work is outstanding and honest, heartfelt and real.  We just finished watching your trilogy series and was blown away with each film.  Thanks for your hard work.

Marie: Finally someone speaking and showing the real truth about the border, I brought more for my family so they can watch.

Dawn: These are MUST-SEE videos for all who are doubters about what’s going on at our borders (and inside). 

Kesha: My husband and I watched all three of DML’s “They Come to America” documentaries this weekend and they are amazing! We had no idea what we are up against with illegal immigration in this country. I’ve never seen a documentary that I was sad to see end. These films are action packed, extremely informative and emotional. I cried during parts of all three. (I know,…what a snowflake. Lol) But these films grab a hold of your patriotism and squeeze it. I highly recommend you order, because it’s worth it.


  1. Let those idiots cry if they want. I am thankful that the law and ICE are doing the jobs they are being paid to do. It is ridiculous that our citizens back those who are committing a crime by even being in this country without papers.

  2. People had better wake up and look at what is coming into the country, are these people totally Brain Dead?
    I just read an article and the Congo is having an outbreak of EBOLA and WHO has neglected to put out what is happening, many have died and it spreads like wildfire, there are 35,000 and more coming from Africa from the Congo, this is very dangerous for us and these illegals are carrying diseases and many are criminals.
    I was Banned from Facebook for posting about the danger we are facing, none of these illegals should be allowed to invade the country, we are at a huge risk and this is frightening as nothing is being done to stop them.
    Ebola is a Dangerous disease and they already have had several with this disease.


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