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In a recent exclusive news broadcast to subscribers, retired INS agent, immigration expert and TeamDML contributor Michael Cutler Cutler discussed an article from USA Today that suggests the US military should be defunded because they provide gear to police departments.

“America’s enemies are doing cartwheels because they managed to get USA Today to dance to the music that they are playing,” Cutler said.

Cutler points out that police need military-grade gear to protect citizens. Cutler recalls instances of police coming up against criminals who have weapons that are more deadly than those carried by police.

“Bad guys don’t run around with peashooters,” Cutler said. “The military equipment that has given to our law enforcement authorities is necessary … because of how the bad guys are equipping themselves.”

WATCH his commentary in the brief video clip below. (This is only a portion of the entire broadcast. Scroll down for details on how to join the growing movement and get access to exclusive, daily news broadcasts and much more!)

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  1. Ya like a person with a brain want to go back to the Obama way of taking care of the military…..gut,gut and cut….


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