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DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch has given us the green light to announce a special LABOR DAY ONLY promotion. 

EXTENDED through Tuesday, September 4, until 11:59 pm ET, all orders for the TRILOGY DVD set will include the following items FREE:

  • Second Trilogy DVD set
  • Team DML water bottle
  • “I Stand For My Flag” bumper sticker

TRILOGY DVD SET includes three films packaged in one DVD case: They Come to America I, II, and III. Produced by DML News CEO and documentary filmmaker, Dennis Michael Lynch, these powerful documentaries show you the border and the costs of illegal immigration in a way you’ve never seen before.

These eye-opening films are being utilized to get the attention of Congress, in order to fight against proposals of amnesty and help secure our borders.

DML has two more films also available on DVD.  ‘We Ride to DC’ and ‘A Day at Bundy’s.’  If you order the TRILOGY, you can pick up both additional films for just $5 each. When ordering, please be sure to click the drop-down menu and select the option you prefer:

  • $45 – The Trilogy set ONLY (3 DVDs), including an extra set FREE
  • $55 – The Trilogy offer above, PLUS the two additional films, “We Ride to DC” and “A Day at Bundy’s”

To order online now, click the yellow ADD TO CART button below.

To pay via check, make it payable to TV360 and mail to this address:
PO Box 704
Amagansett, NY 11930.

Pick your choice from the drop down menu, and then click the yellow button.  You do not need a PAYPAL account to order.

Film choices

TODAY ONLY – Every Trilogy DVD order includes a FREE water bottle!

TODAY ONLY – Every Trilogy DVD order also includes a FREE “I Stand For My Flag” bumper sticker!

Below is a sneak preview trailer, which includes scenes from one of the documentaries featured in the TRILOGY DVD set.


Patricia Ann: I ordered all 5 DVD’s last year and watched them. Well worth the money. I gave my Mom in Arizona, the Coming to America 1,2, & 3 after having her watch them, so she can share with her Friends. I ordered the Trilogy, buy one get one, this year, and am in the process of giving one away. Everyone needs to see these eye opening films!! Thank you DML. Can’t wait for #4!

Joe: Just watched Trilogy set, We Ride to DC, and Bundy.  Your films are the best documentaries I have ever seen and I want you to make more films.  What a talented filmmaker you are Mr DML.  Your work needs to be out there in much greater numbers.

Kesha: My husband and I watched all three of DML’s “They Come to America” documentaries this weekend and they are amazing! We had no idea what we are up against with illegal immigration in this country. I’ve never seen a documentary that I was sad to see end. These films are action packed, extremely informative and emotional. I cried during parts of all three. These films grab a hold of your patriotism and squeeze it. I highly recommend you order, because it’s worth it.

Pamela: I finally got a chance to watch the Trilogy over the weekend. WOW!  Is the first word that came to mind after watching…absolutely blown away. 

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