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The illegal immigration crisis that has hit the United States is forever altering the demographics and culture of the nation, as tens of thousands of illegal aliens continue to pour into the country each month.

Over the past decade, DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch has produced three powerful documentary films on how illegal immigration, as well as massive amounts of refugee admissions, has impacted America – and will soon be releasing a fourth film on this issue.  The first three films, titled, “They Come to America I, II, and III,” show you the border and the costs of illegal immigration in a way you’ve never seen before and are now packaged into one complete DVD case, called the “TRILOGY.”


Watch the following trailer video: It includes scenes from the both “We Ride to DC” and “A Day At Bundy’s,” two documentaries that are available as add-ons with the TRILOGY DVD set.  CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR OWN SET TODAY!

The TRILOGY DVD set continues to get powerful reviews, and DML has continued his practice of including a second FREE TRILOGY set with every order, that can be sent to the White House or Congress members, or shared with a friend.

DML has two more films also available on DVD.  ‘We Ride to DC’ and ‘A Day at Bundy’s.’  If you order the TRILOGY, you can pick up both additional films. CLICK HERE for more details!


Jimmy: The First 30 mins, In TCTA~1, SAYS VOLUMES , YOU Will Freak. BUT Wait Until you see How Outstanding of a Job “DML ” Does, You’ll Want them ALL TRUST ME.

Chase: Just watched They Come to America 3, 2, and 1 over the weekend and holy cow is the border worse than what I thought.  Thanks for waking me up DML.  I also grabbed a Photo Book.

Kesha: My husband and I watched all three of DML’s “They Come to America” documentaries this weekend and they are amazing! We had no idea what we are up against with illegal immigration in this country. I’ve never seen a documentary that I was sad to see end. These films are action-packed, extremely informative and emotional. I cried during parts of all three. (I know,…what a snowflake. Lol) But these films grab a hold of your patriotism and squeeze it. I highly recommend you order, because it’s worth it.

Deb: My husband and I watched the set last year and loved them. We also learned so much from them. They are well worth watching and sharing with others but I won’t let anyone have my set. I can’t wait until the next movies are ready.

Marie: Finally someone speaking and showing the real truth about the border, I brought more for my family so they can watch and send them to the White House!!

Joe: Your work is outstanding and honest, heartfelt and real.  We just finished watching your trilogy series and was blown away with each film.  Going to watch WE RIDE TO DC and BUNDY film over the weekend.  Thanks for your hard work.


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