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In the true spirit of Christmas, TeamDML member Lisa Shrosbree turned her artistic talents into a unique and successful fundraiser for the DML Foundation Friday evening, and raised more than $1,200 selling over 80 hand-painted Christmas ornaments in a Facebook Live from her home.

Founded by documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch and his wife, Mary Lynch, the DML Foundation is a 501c charity that helps fund programs for veterans and children in need.  100% of all donations received into the foundation is pooled together and donated to veterans and children.

Shrosbree said she has painted ceramics as a hobby since she was a teen.  After her husband passed away three years ago, she found that painting the ornaments helped her deal with loneliness and feel productive.  “I painted these for myself or to give away as Christmas gifts. They were never painted to sell,” Shrosbree said.

Depending on the detail involved, each ornament takes an average of 2 hours to paint, with some taking 6-8 hours each. “I paint them under a magnifying light to get as precise and detailed as humanly possible,” she explained.

The ornaments were carefully boxed away when she made a move from California to Arizona, and have never even hung on a tree. Suddenly, Shrosbree, who is disabled, decided to devote her Christmas ornaments to a greater cause – a fundraiser for the DML Foundation, which will benefit veterans.

Shrosbree notified other TeamDML members and her personal friends a few days in advance, and then held her fundraiser in a fun and successful Facebook Live video Friday night, which also included raffles, trivia games and prizes.

“Even though I’m disabled I need to feel productive. Painting these as gifts gave me the feeling of being productive. Last night was the reward. I am a little selfish, I did what I did last night because I need to see and feel joy I can bring to others. That’s my reward,” she said.

Lynch was so impressed with Shrosbree’s fundraiser, he announced Saturday morning that another company he owns, Project 1600, Inc., will match her fundraiser, bringing the total contribution to the DML Foundation to $2,400.

He has asked another TeamDML member, who is a U.S. Air Force veteran, to help choose a veteran or American in need as the recipient for the donation… just in time for Christmas!

WATCH Shrosbree’s video of her fundraiser event below:

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  1. I was so sorry to miss the live show. I watched the recording and it was fun seeing all the ornaments that Lisa did an awesome job on and also to see the support from Team DML. I would have definitely bought something if I had known about it. You are awesome Lisa. God bless you.

  2. Major kudos to Lisa Schrosbree for her amazing talents and for coming up with such a great idea! This is the kind of thing that should be highlighted on the news. Lisa represents millions of regular Americans who are more concerned with helping others than with hating on those who believe differently than she does about politics.

  3. What an awesome tribute to Lisa. I met her at the CA Meet & Greet and what a fun time we all had. I knew I couldn’t miss out on this event when she announced she was having a fundraiser nothing like being a part of a family for a good cause. Lisa has gone above and beyond for this fund raiser and I am so impressed with her painting of these small ornaments and to do what she did is for DML charity is amazing. We love you Lisa and I’ll see you soon when you come to CA. God Bless you.

  4. I met Lisa at the CA Meet and Greet – what an awesome person! I didn’t know about this fundraiser in advance but I did watch the video of it this morning. What a great thing to do and kudos to the attendees who purchased the beautiful ornaments. God Bless you all for making this fundraiser a big success for the DML Foundation!

  5. Thanks Aneeta for the great story about Lisa’s fund raiser. This was such an enjoyable event as we purchased items & watched our fellow Team members get some special ornaments. What a nice way to raise money for the DML Foundation. Lisa is a real inspiration!

  6. I would love to buy some of the peanut brittle if I could. You said your email so fast I didn’t hear it. Great job on the fundraiser for DMLCharity! Let me know AMY GRENADER


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