President Trump has been been criticized for declaring that illegal aliens should be immediately deported, and the left has hotly condemned the Trump administration’s policies of holding illegal aliens in detention, including sheltering their children separately.

Activists supporting illegal aliens raised over $20 million in a Facebook campaign to help the “separated families,” Democrats have claimed that the illegal aliens’ rights are being violated, and liberal attorneys have offered them free legal services.

Calls for the abolishment of ICE, along with wild protests at ICE centers, have escalated, and one immigrant protester took the matter to a new level as she attempted to climb the Statue of Liberty on Wednesday.

Amidst all the hoopla over the immigration crisis in America, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has flooded their Twitter account with examples of how many people are immigrating into the United States the legal way.

The USCIS has posted photos from many of the naturalization ceremonies which were held across the nation during the July 4th holiday week. The following list includes the number of new citizens who took the Oath of Allegiance and became new citizens of the United States this week, and the location of the ceremony:

  • 37 – San Antonio, TX
  • 50 – On the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego, CA
  • 32 – Greeley, CO
  • 48 –  Raleigh, NC
  • 76 – On deck of the USS Hornet, Alameda, CA
  • 231 – Phoenix, AZ
  • 585 – Boston, MA
  • 101 – Mt. Vernon, VA
  • 200 – New York, NY
  • 50 – Winston-Salen, NC
  • 20 – Albany, NY
  • 500 – Seattle, WA
  • 20 – Tucson, AZ
  • 19 – Orlando, FL
  • 51 – New Orleans, LA

Below are photos which USCIS posted on Twitter of the many naturalization ceremonies held across the country this week.