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Brad Parscale, campaign manager for President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 Presidential Campaign, launched an attack against a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll that indicated that only 36% of those polled approve of the Trump administration.

According to Parscale, the poll is “junk.” He tweeted: This is #TotalFakeNews. Poll is junk. 1) Only 25% GOP 2) Random adults not voters (Possibly not even citizens) 3) Questions written to reinforce bias #DataScam just like 2016!

President Trump also tweeted about the poll Friday, writing: The ABC/Washington Post Poll was by far the least accurate one 2 weeks out from the 2016 Election. I call it a suppression poll – but by Election Day they brought us, out of shame, to about even. They will never learn!

Trump countered with a Rassmussen Poll that indicated he had a 48% approval rating.

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