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Tyndall Air Force Base, located in Panama City, Florida, took an extreme hit from Hurricane Michael on Wednesday, officials from the base reported.

The base commander ordered a mandatory evacuation prior to the storm’s arrival, and said the order remains in effect until further notice.

On their Facebook page on Thursday, Tyndall Air Force Base gave the following assessment of the damages they sustained:

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE 1710 UPDATE: Tyndall Air Force Base leadership just conducted its first aerial assessment of the base. We are grateful that Tyndall has had no reported injuries or fatalities. Damage across the base is extensive.

Here are some highlights; all base houses sustained significant roof and siding damage. Some houses sustained more significant structural failures.

Some Tyndall dorms appear to have fared well; others sustained severe damage.

The flight line is devastated. Every building has severe damage. Many buildings are a complete loss.

The hurricane completely destroyed the Tyndall marina. The structures and docks are gone.

The drone runway, AFCEC labs, and Silver Flag areas all sustained catastrophic damage. Tyndall Elementary School sustained severe damage.

The BX and commissary sustained severe damage, and the two shoppettes sustained catastrophic damage.

Help is on the way. Initial relief and support requested by the ride out team, is due to arrive as early as this evening. Air Force and government officials have responded quickly to our requests.

The base remains closed. Trees and power lines block nearly every road. At this time, power and basic utilities remain out.

Base leaders will continue to provide regular updates as the base begins the long road to recovery. Thank you for your continued patience.

Below is an aerial video showing the sever damages left behind by the hurricane:


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