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As numbers of illegal alien apprehensions at the U.S. border have continued to skyrocket, a massive campaign calling for President Trump to implement mandatory E-Verify has been launched by DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch.

“The timing has never been better to demand E-Verify,” DML said, explaining that Democrat lawmakers are under pressure to win their midterm elections in November. It is critical that Americans join together in a major movement to  demand that American jobs be protected with mandatory E-Verify all across the nation.

According to updated data published by the U.S. Border Patrol, illegal alien apprehensions are skyrocketing to record numbers.

Saturday evening, the news broke that a new migrant caravan of approximately 1,300 Hondurans has set off walking with an organized “March of the Migrant” program, hoping to cross into the United States.

Nothing explains the costs and consequences of illegal immigration better than DML’s “They Come To America” documentary film set, the TRILOGY.

For just $50, we will send 5 copies of the TRILOGY DVD set to President Trump at the White House, along with a note requesting e-Verify be put into place immediately to STOP the influx of people coming through the border. (Scroll down to view the letter included with each order.)

When you order the DVDs, we ship them directly to the White House and send you the tracking number. Shipments are made within 48 hours of order being placed.

CLICK HERE to participate in this extremely important E-Verify campaign.

The following letter will be sent to the White House along with each TRILOGY order:

Dear President Trump:

I am someone who voted for you, and I believe in the “America First” message you’ve touted since making the announcement of your candidacy. However, I see the immigration issue spiraling out of control.

Although Congress has not been helpful to you and the idea of building a wall, there is another measure that can be taken that will stop the flow of illegal aliens into the country. It will also prevent foreigners from violating their visas, and it may result in many of the people who are here illegally today to return home to their countries of origin tomorrow. It will also help ignite your base to show up for the midterms.

The measure that needs to be put into action immediately is mandatory e-verify. I urge you to cut off the jobs magnet! Although big donors don’t want e-verify to be mandatory, their desire for cheap labor should not supersede my love for this country.

Please, use the power of your tweets to highlight mandatory e-verify and put pressure on the GOP. Push the lawmakers into a corner. Make it so they must support this measure in order to keep their jobs in DC. Make it so they support a new bill for mandatory e-verify, or at the very least an executive order demanding the same.


Concerned Citizen

CLICK HERE to participate in this extremely important E-Verify campaign.

Below is a trailer video from the Trilogy films:

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