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As thousands of caravan migrants from Central America are being bused into Tijuana, Mexico this week, one Mexican woman who holds dual citizenship in both Mexico and the U.S., and lives in Mexico, has been working night and day to document the crisis that has overtaken Tijuana.

She goes by the username “Paloma for Trump,” and was born in Mexico, but says she also has a great love for America. Her biological father died in Mexico when Paloma was still a child, and her mother remarried an American citizen, giving her the opportunity to also become an American.

“We waited for almost 10 years to finalize our citizenship, we paid our dues, we waited in line, and I feel every person who comes to America should not only do the same, but also learn the language, assimilate the culture, respect and love America like I do. And VALUE AND THANK GOD EVERY SINGLE DAY for the gift and blessing it is to be a part of the greatest country in the world,” Paloma explains on her website.

When the first wave of about 400 Central Americans arrived into Tijuana on buses on Tuesday, Paloma for Trump was there to document the entire event, before any media arrived, as the migrants headed to the beach and climbed atop the border fence.

Below are some of her video reports:

Mexican police told her they are concerned about the caravan, and realize the city is not prepared and does not have the resources to handle this crisis.

Mexicans are protesting the caravan:

Paloma was present when the huge fight broke out between Mexicans and the migrants on Wednesday night:

Frantically, she screams, “Guys, they just attacked us with rocks, and the cops aren’t doing anything! They’re just hiding behind their cars!”

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Paloma writes, “Guys, Tijuana people don’t want the Caravan violating American law either. They understand that an INVASION is not the way. Don’t believe the news and unlike other cities in Mexico Tijuana normally elects candidates that look out FOR the people and our good relationship with the United States because THOUSANDS of people cross on a daily basis to buy products in America and sell them here. Our city depends a lot on that. We DON’T want any trouble with America. We love Tijuana and love our way of life. Most people in Tijuana love America, the RIGHT WAY!”

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  1. If Tijuana didn’t want this caravan then why didn’t THEY stop them at their Southern border instead of bussing them to the US/Mexican border?!

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