Explaining The Biggest Risk to America (Video)

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, what answer would  you give if asked, “What’s the biggest risk to America?”

The answers are sure to range.  Some will say ISIS and Islamic terrorism.  Others may say Russia, North Korea, Iran or China launching a nuclear bomb.  Perhaps you think the biggest concern is our national debt?  Surely, if you’re a Bernie Sanders fan, you think the biggest issue is climate change.

But if you truly look at the numbers, the greatest risk to America is mass immigration both legal and illegal says Roy Beck of Numbers USA.  Roy explains the immigration numbers in a way that is impossible to argue in a short clip from Dennis Michael Lynch’s film, “The Come to America.” 

Beck explains the long term dangers that connect to mass immigration, and how congress decided to increase the number of immigrants accepted into the USA without the approval of the American people.  Watch the short clip:


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