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  1. Why aren’t our Republican reps and senators standing with President Trump against the democrats attempt to steal the election using the vulnerabilities that mass mail-in voting provides? This is INSANE! If we let them use mass mailing, they’ll have our Republican vote count (because we will go to the polls), they’ll take a few days “still counting” the mail-Ins. Lo and behold they’ll find enough votes to beat us. Just like that; America is a socialist country with a demented leader who has sold his soul to the Marxist BLM. What can we do?

  2. I couldn’t figure out why the media’s been talking about how trump won’t leave the office Because we haven’t had the election yet! But now with the extension of wearing masks and mail in voting( and mail fraud) I see. What a bunch of malicious crooks! Go Trump!!❤️

  3. If you ever offer the free cbd again please send it in newsletter, I missed the last offer but desperately wanting to try it to see if it may help me with some upper back issues and kidney stones that I develop every other year or so.
    Thank you.


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