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Written by DML
Facebook is like cheesecake.  You know cheesecake is bad for you, and yet you still eat it.  In the case with Facebook, you know it’s negatively effecting your brain because looking at your phone for so long and reading comments posted by idiots is not healthy.  But in the same way you can’t resist a fork full of cheesecake, you always open the damn Facebook app to see what’s happening.  Well, get ready because you may be seeing a lot less of the posts filled with “hate.”

Fox News reports: Facebook has seen a dramatic increase in the number of posts it removed due to hate speech after implementing changes to its automation capabilities.

In a report released Tuesday, the social media giant revealed it had removed 22.5 million posts for hate speech in the second quarter of 2020 — a roughly 130% increase from the 9.6 million in Q1. Facebook defines hate speech as “violent or dehumanizing speech, statements of inferiority, calls for exclusion or segregation based on protected characteristics, or slurs.”

Those include “race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disability or disease. When the intent is clear, we may allow people to share someone else’s hate speech content to raise awareness or discuss whether the speech is appropriate to use, to use slurs self-referentially in an effort to reclaim the term, or for other similar reasons.”

I understand ridding of hate speech when the content is brutally ugly.  But are we safe to post things like “I hate Mayor DeBlasio as much as I hate New York traffic,” or “I hate tax season because I hate paying for people who are here illegally.”  Are we safe to say “The Democrats have destroyed this country, and I hate them for it?”  What is true hate speech versus expressing thoughts about things you hate?

I wonder if the artificial intelligence designed by the engineers at Facebook truly reading our comments and posts correctly.  I wonder if the Facebook tech from India who is here on a work visa will program into the intelligence the demand to remove anything written negatively about immigration in the United States.

Fox News continues, “According to its Community Standards Enforcement Report, none of the previous quarters — dating back to Q4 of 2017 — reported by Facebook saw anywhere close to that big of a jump. For example, the company reported an uptick from 4.1 to 4.4 million in content they took action on from Q1 to Q2 of 2019.

It attributed the spike to expanding its automated detection in three other languages — Spanish, Arabic, and Indonesian — and improving its English detection as well. The increase seen by Instagram, which Facebook owns, was similarly “driven by expanding … proactive detection technologies in English and Spanish.” Instagram saw an increase of 808,900 to 3.3 million removals.

Facebook told Fox News that removals included posts which might have been restored after removal. The vast majority of its changes (147,000) were made without relying on users’ appeals — a change the group attributes to the lack of availability.

Arabs are writing ugly stuff, what a shocker.  Lets go look at Rep. Ilhan Omar’s page and see how many of her hateful comments about Trump are deleted.  I am guessing the number is ZERO.  Meanwhile, I wonder how many posts from conservatives touting a love for Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” are removed.

I know when I go onto my Facebook page with 1.1 million followers I often see a message stating posts have been removed.  This comes to me without notice — or so it seems.  No kidding.  Each time I go on Facebook I get a notice stating content has been removed, but it never tells me exactly what they removed or why.  We don’t have hate speech posts on our page, we are too smart.  We would never do something so dumb, not to mention my crew is not made up of a bunch of haters.  More importantly, I have no chance to appeal the removals.

Fox News concludes, “The numbers came as the social media giant faced criticism from both sides of the political spectrum in relation to how it handled controversial content. Liberals previously attacked the organization for refusing to remove a doctored video that showed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., slurring her words.”

I assume if I wrote something negative about Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgery my post could be subject to removal.  I will have to become more creative in my videos.  I will have to say things like, “Don’t you just love it when Nancy is on TV with her beautiful face.  It looks just like plastic.”

Maybe the computer system over at Facebook is so smart that it can tell when I am being sarcastic.  I think I’m screwed either way because I hate Facebook.

Think about the Nancy video for a moment.  If Nancy slurs her words, are we not allowed to reveal it to the world?  How is this hate speech?  I don’t think it’s hate speech at all, rather it’s speech the left hates to accept.  It’s the same way over at Twitter.

In the same way finishing off the last bit of cheesecake leaves you feeling bad about something tasting so good, we must remember that all things must come to an end. And Facebook’s mission statement to be a platform for people to freely express themselves is long gone, it came to an end right after 2016 when Trump won the election over Hillary.

Facebook stock is cranking, so I don’t think they’ll care much about losing our business.  But then again the truth is we aren’t going anywhere until they kick us all off.  We are addicted to Facebook, and rightfully so.  Don’t feel bad about it, the engineers developed the platform to be addicting.  With that said, we are all paying a deep price for giving Facebook our lives each day and we hate it, but we continue to love using it.  I really “hate” to have to write this post because it’s a reminder of how bad things are here in America, but what are my options… I certainly can’t complain about it on Facebook.

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  1. I am liking Parler more and more S more are jumping over. No matter how you. It it what this info tells me about FB is that they are expanding their censorship.

  2. I just got kicked off FB for 29 days and 23 hours for ” You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature. For more information, visit the Help Center.
    To keep from getting blocked again, please make sure you’ve read and understand Facebook’s Community Standards.
    Thee block will be active for 29 days and 23 hours more. If you think this doesn’t go against our Community Standards let us know.
    But the “Help Center” is inoperative and there is no way to appeal. There is no indication which post they objected to or why. I have found their definition of speech can be as simple as sharing my faith in Jesus and my belief in God. Or maybe I defended our President when he was criticized. We never know. So Parler, here I come – – – if I an figure out how to open up an account there.

  3. FB is so biased that they are afraid of telling us what post they find goes against their “standards” and leave zero recourse. Very Nazi Germany!

  4. People you had better do your homework look up Zucky ‘s twitter account . Where he shows himself and others watching while they removed Andrecrome from a young child . And he says although he doesn’t like to watch this part . He thinks this is the best thing to drink there is . It’s my understanding the baby has to die for them to get it . And you people want to continue to make him rich . And for those of you who gave and are posting pictures of children on your accounts .,If those children come up missing look to yourself.. Facebook is the place pedofiles take those pictures you put on there and sell them to perverts for sexual purposes.


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