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Following the scandalous fallout of Cambridge Analytica’s data mining through Facebook, the social media giant’s top executives are agreeing to meet the House Judiciary Committee over the matter.

Questions will likely be tailored to address the company’s involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign and its archiving of data of millions of users.

Fox News reports the following:

“Facebook has agreed to brief House Judiciary Committee staff as soon as Wednesday following the fallout over Cambridge Analytica’s use and exploitation of user data from some 50 million people.

The social media giant is facing a tough battle convincing lawmakers that users’ privacy concerns are of paramount importance to the company since it was revealed that a third party accessed and stored the data of millions of users, despite saying it deleted the information.

Political data analytics company Cambridge Analytica, known for ties to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, is accused of improperly obtaining user data after Aleksandr Kogan, creator of a quiz that was taken by more than 270,000 people, passed the data to the company.

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