Facebook Tries to Censor Mom For Making Post About Transgenders

Kristi Merrit, a mother from Lakewood, Washington, does not want men in women’s restrooms, period.   She says just because a man dresses in women’s clothes does not make him a woman.  

To prove her point, she posted photos of herself on facebook, dressed as a football player, with a sign that asked, “Does this make me Russell Wilson?”   In another photo, she dressed in pirate’s clothing, with a sign that asked, “Does this make me a pirate?”

And the final point driven home was a photo of a woman’s dress, shoes and purse, asking, “Does this make a man a woman?”

Her post to date has over 109,000 shares.   But some people didn’t like it, accusing her of hate, and one person wrote, “These posts are PURE ignorance. Please keep your hate to yourself. It’s just a bathroom!”

Her post was reported to Facebook, and she got a notice from Facebook, demanding she remove the post, due to “nudity.”    Censorship at its finest.     Where’s the nudity?

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