Fan Loses Engagement Ring In Middle of Proposal At Yankee Stadium


Andrew Fox fumbled the ball – or, the ring – but he still scored a home run.

Fox, of New Castle, Pennsylvania, had planned his proposal to girlfriend Heather Terwilliger down to the “t”, taking her to a Yankees game as a belated birthday gift, along with matching Yankees jerseys. 

He arranged to have the cameras focused on the couple at the perfect moment during the middle of the fifth inning, so the whole proposal was broadcast on the big screen before 35,000 fans.

Then it happened.  He pulled the ring from his pocket, dropped to one knee… and dropped the ring.

The crowd gasped, nearby fans started searching under the chairs for nearly five minutes, and Fox began to cry.

The moment was finally saved when Terwilliger saw something shiny in her pant leg cuff.

The stadium announcer informed the crowd the ring was found, and a roaring cheer went up as Fox dropped down on one knee again and proposed.   She said yes, and it ended “happily ever after.”

The Bellingham Herald reported that the couple had their first date on February 1.  Both are 29.   Terwilliger is from Fredonia, New York.

Congratulations to the happy couple!



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