Fast-food chain’s tweet calls Trump “disgusting”

Thursday morning, fast-food giant McDonald’s claimed they were informed by Twitter that their account had been hacked by an outside user.

The person behind the alleged Twitter hijacking managed to send one tweet through the McDonald’s account, at the expense of President Donald Trump.

The tweet called Trump a “disgusting excuse for president,” and continued, “… we would love to have Barack Obama back.”

The tweet also said that the president has “tiny hands.”


The post remained online for approximately 20 minutes before Twitter’s security team informed McDonald’s of the breach. The hacker had pinned the tweet to the top of McDonalds’ Twitter page, ensuring anyone searching the McDonald’s profile would see the hacked tweet.

In response, McDonald’s issued a tweet informing its followers that the tweet was sent without the company’s knowledge, and that the source of the problem would be identified.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon

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