Father Dies Driving Pregnant Wife to Hospital

Jill Schmucker2

Colorado family’s life is changed forever.

Jill Schmucker

From 9News:

Even though Jill Schmucker had two other sons, she’d never gone into labor before. It was always induced.

Until that night.

“Contractions started and after a little while, I called my doctor and she said just go to the hospital,” she said.

Forty weeks pregnant, she woke her husband Tony, who was sleeping in another room. She told him they had to go.   They woke their other two boys, got them dressed and into the car.

“We didn’t get very far, just right down the road, and something happened,” Jill said. “He had a seizure or some kind of brain stroke or aneurysm — they said it could be any of those.”

The car veered off a Larimer County road west of Fort Collins, hit a mountainside head-on then rolled into a ditch.   At first she was in shock, but when that shock wore off, Schmucker said she realized her husband was still unconscious. Her children in the backseat were alright, but her back was broken and she was pinned.

See full story here:   http://www.9news.com/story/news/local/2016/02/03/husband-dies-in-car-wreck-before-newborn-son-born/79799950/



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