FBI Director’s Mansion For Sale, Once Sent A Neighbor To Prison

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Prior to being appointed FBI director, James Comey lived in a massive Connecticut estate – but now he can’t get rid of it.

Built in 2005, the gorgeous estate on Westway Road is in Westport’s exclusive Green Farms area – a ritzy Connecticut coastal town lined with white sandy beaches and powerful money.    Comey bought the seven bedroom, nine bath, 7,157 square foot gated residence with 3.17 acres in August 2010 for $3,050,000.

Two years after Obama appointed Comey to head up the FBI, Comey put the estate up for sale in June 2015 for $3,395,000, intending to make a nice profit on the deal.    But no one is buying.


Now he’s dropped the price for the fourth time, and is “practically giving it away” for $2.5 million.   If he can sell it for that, he’ll be taking an almost $1 million loss.   The real estate tax on the house is reported to be $31,798 per year.

Comey, 56, is reported to have a net worth of $11 million.   He and his wife, Patrice, have 6 children together, one of whom died as an infant in 1995.  While living in the Wesport mansion, the Daily Mail reported that he sent his kids to one of the most prestigious private schools on the East Coast, Green Farms Academy.

His neighbors include elite Democrat money machines and Clinton supporters, such as Harvey Weinstein, who held a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in October, with tickets going for $10,000 each.

Another former neighbor was Martha Stewart, who sold her Turkey Hill estate in 2007.

During the time he was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and then the U.S. Deputy Attorney General, Comey prosecuted Stewart and sent her to prison for insider stock training, obstruction of justice and lying to an FBI agent.

In addition to Stewart, Comey had also prosecuted mafia boss John James Gambino.

But for Hillary Clinton, Comey has announced for the second time that there is no evidence to file criminal charges against her.

Photos of Comey’s mansion for sale below:

ct-james-comey-home-1 ct-james-comey-home-2 ct-james-comey-home-3 ct-james-comey-home-5 ct-james-comey-home-4 ct-james-comey-home-6 ct-james-comey-home-7 ct-james-comey-home-9



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