FBI & Pentagon Pursuing Foreign Spy Posing as Navy Officer


On Wednesday, the FBI and Pentagon began pursuing a suspected foreign agent posing as a Navy officer. According to counterintelligence officials, the foreign spy offered fraudulent contracts to defense contractors in an attempt to obtain sensitive and embargoed American technology and blueprints.

A security alert was sent out by the FBI alerting officials about the scam. The faux contracts were uncovered by a contractor in Massachusetts. He reported to authorities “an individual posing as U.S. Navy officer” was issuing fake Navy contracts for computer and telecommunications equipment.

“Further investigation revealed several other reported incidents following a similar pattern where computers, telecommunication equipment, and export controlled technology were requested from cleared defense contractors and information technology companies,” stated the notice from FBI Agent Carmine Nigro of the Boston field office. “The individual(s) involved appear to have knowledge and some degree of familiarity with U.S. Department of Defense purchasing procedures and documentation, and have listed legitimate Department of Defense facilities within the original request for information.”

The alert did not reveal the identity of what nation’s intelligence service was behind the technology acquisition effort. It’s been suspected China’s spy services may be involved due to past attempts.


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