FBI Raids Home of Orlando Gunman’s Inlaws

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Omar Mateen’s wife Noor Zahi Salman has admitted she knew of Mateen’s plans to attack the Orlando nightclub, and had previously driven him to the club to scout it out.

Now FBI agents have raided the home of her mother, a Palestinian-American, Zahi Salman, 50, in Rodeo, California.   The Daily Mail reports that FBI agents showed up at the home Tuesday afternoon, shouting “FBI” and then entering the home.   Mrs. Salman and one of her daughters was in the home at the time. Agents were in the home about an hour.

Noor’s father died last year.  Noor is the oldest of four daughters, grew up in Rodeo, and many of her extended family still live there as well.  Reportedly the family moved to the U.S. in the 1970’s from Ramallah, on the West Bank.

Noor Salman and Omar Mateen have been married at least three years.

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