FDNY Bans Pro-Trump Material


In a liberal-oriented move, the New York Fire Department has banned firefighters from hanging pictures of President-elect Donald Trump in firehouses or on their trucks. Angering many firefighters, one anonymous firefighter took jabs at department officials overseeing this infringing move.

“Only [the] FDNY wouldn’t want the democratically elected president of America hanging in a firehouse,” said the anonymous firefighter. “The firehouse is supposed to be a symbol of America. That’s hard to believe when you can’t post a picture of the president.”

The result of this decision stems from Engine 276 of Brooklyn, whose firetruck had a Trump mask on its grille. Following contested complaints, the FDNY made the move to ban all Trump related material from being showcased. The department then sent out a memo urging New York City’s Bravest to “remain out of the political scene and out of the political field” following the outrage and protests sparked by Trump’s win last Tuesday.

“Posting of these materials is not in compliance with Regs,” the memo read. “Please make sure apparatus and quarters are clear of this material.”

The confusing part that has left many firefighters scratching their heads is the hypocrisy of banning Trump material specifically. For instance, past presidents have been allowed to be showcased in firehouses and on firetrucks. “They have pictures of . . . George Bush standing on the World Trade Center pile with a megaphone,” the source said. “FDNY posts pictures all the time. When Barack Obama visits firehouses, FDNY officially posts photos of him shaking hands, people smiling — no problem there.”

However, the game is changing now that Trump’s election is festering resentment in many liberal agendas and individuals. “The message, specifically to its time, was to remain out of the political scene and out of the political field . . . The message went out this week,” said FDNY spokesman Jim Long, who claims the department just wants firefighters to stay out of politics.


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