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A federal district judge in Maryland struck down a school policy which prevented a transgender student from using the boy’s locker room.

The Hill reports: U.S. District Judge George Russell III found that the policy blocking transgender teen Max Brennan from using the boy’s locker room unlawfully singled him out because it did not apply to anyone else at the high school and harmed his health and well-being.

Brennan, 15, referred to as M.A.B. in court documents, had been required to use a separate gender-neutral bathroom at St. Michaels Middle High School to get ready for his gym class, which caused him at times to either be late or be disciplined for not changing for the class.

In the 40-page opinion, Russell said the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution “protects Brennan from ‘discrimination on the basis of gender stereotypes,’” and because the school “policy classifies him on the basis of his transgender status, it constitutes ‘sex discrimination.’”

With his decision, Russell becomes the first judge in Maryland to rule such bathroom policies a violation of federal laws that ban sex discrimination in schools.

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