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Written by DML
The TeamDML subscription service has been up and running since December 1 at, and after a week of getting everyone settled into their accounts, this week started with me experimenting with a new show format. But to my surprise, people don’t want me to change a thing.

I received an ocean of email after posting today’s THE TRUTH, which was more “produced” and offered ideas for a new daily format that offers even more TV-like production styled programming. I suggested people send me their thoughts at [email protected]

I spent all day reading your messages.  Below is a message from TeamDML member Michelle. Her words reflects the sort of emails I received by the bushel load.

PLEASE don’t do a highly produced “The Truth” every day! Occasionally, sure. Add a clip or 2 to a Walk & Talk, fine.

While creating a produced & polished show was your job & what was necessary while you were on TV, that just doesn’t seem like YOU anymore. In my opinion, I think you are your happiest doing anything but the hard structure of daily “production” of a slick show. The relaxed show style fits you so well. It’s also what makes you unique & interesting AKA: “You won’t see this/that on Hannity” (cracks me up every time). I think if you end up doing a daily show that’s produced & polished, it would get unbearably monotonous & boring for you as well as my fellow Team DML members. Besides, that isn’t what’s attracted us to you in the first place. You do your best work motivating when you’re unscripted, passionate in your thoughts & beliefs, talk straight from the heart & tell us the TRUTH. That’s certainly why I became a loyal, Level 3, Team DML member. If changing it up is what the majority of Team DML, I’ll still be here watching, learning & spreading the word as always.Thanks for all you & your family do for us!
(end of email)

And then I received this email from Tim….

DML, I purchased the Trilogy months ago and never took the time to sit down and watch it. Now that I am a Team DML Member, I have access to the Films on my Level 3 and now I am finally watching. I am absolutely captivated by your work. There have been times I literally get goose bumps watching. I am almost through TCTA2. I feel like every person in America should watch this. This should be required in every school. Americans have no idea about Immigration and the Fear of being called “Racist” is allowing it to run rampant. I am planning on buying several Trilogy sets to put out on “Loan” to my friends and Family. I am going to Sharpie:Return to Tim W” on the DVD’s and will encourage others top pass them around. Ok, I am going back to watching but just had to stop and send you a line. You are an amazing person.

(end of email)

So here is what I am thinking….

The Walk & Talk appears to be the program of choice. The studio will be only for rainy days, and every now and then we will produce a slick show. But to make the Walk & Talks more fun for me, and to change them up for you, I will chose a new location each day. The different surroundings in my area will make it fun. Like on Thursday, maybe I will do the Walk & Talk outside Alec Baldwin’s house. That would be a hoot.

We’ll start with the new locations on Wednesday — I think I’ll start at my favorite beach down the street from where we live.

I have also received a flow of emails from people who feel let down because they cannot access the one free show I promised to do on Facebook each week.  I want to get as far away from that place as possible, but Miss Mary tells me I must keep to my word.  I’m thinking about it.  That’s as much as  I can promise at this point.

As for the films, we are offering a DVD special for Christmas. You can check it out by clicking here.  Give the films to the people you know as Christmas presents!  Make them smarter.

TeamDML members should check the announcement board on for even an even greater discount.

They Come to America 4 on DVD is coming soon. I keep pushing it off because things are changing at the border and I keep adding new stuff to the film. Kind of crazy of me to do, but I think I am starting to fit right in considering the country has lost its mind at the border, has it not.


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