Feminist blames toddler alligator death on white ‘entitlement’

A white feminist from Chicago used the tragedy of a 2-year old boy being killed by an alligator as an opportunity to push “white entitlement” rhetoric.

The woman, known only as “Brienne of Snarth” with the Twitter handle @femme_esq, has 11,000 followers and is often quoted on liberal leaning websites such as Fusion.  She  has deleted her social media account after tweeting offensive messages about the horrific gator attack.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 8.30.12 AM“I’m so finished with the white men’s entitlement lately that I’m really not sad about a 2yo being eaten by a gator bc his daddy ignored signs,” she reportedly tweeted.

“You really think there are no f****** consequences to anything,” she added. “A godd*** SIGN told you to stay out of water in Florida? F*** a SIGN!!”

Not long after she posted the message, she received messages rebuking her comments.


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