Final photo girl took before electrocuting herself in bath tub (photo)

DML reported about a Texas teen who was electrocuted while using her cell phone in a bath tub last week.  A new photo has emerged highlighting the setup she rigged to charge her phone.

Madison Coe, 14, was spending the summer with her dad in Lovington, New Mexico when she was fatally electrocuted after touching a frayed extension cord she had next to the tub to charge her cell phone.

Authorities say just moments before Coe died, she sent a text message to a friend along with a picture of her phone plugged into an extension cord. At first it was believed that the teen dropped her Samsung Edge Plus into the bath, but police say the device was never submerged in the water.

The text message read: “When you use and extension cord so you can plug in your phone while you’re in the bath,”

Police reported that while she was in the bath, she leaned over and touched the frayed extension cord, which had water in it, causing the fatal electrocution.

Her family agreed to release the photo to raise awareness of the dangers that come with using electronics near water.

“She was my everything,” her dad said in an interview earlier this week, as he paid tribute to his daughter.

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