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Tragedy struck in Tennessee when a firefighter died Monday as he was in a home destroyed by a fire.  Four others were also injured when the home partially collapsed, following the blaze.

The sudden death is made more tragic because the fallen firefighter leaves behind three young children and a pregnant wife.

A report at gives further details: Lawrenceburg Fire Department Chaplin Chad Moore said 38-year-old fire engineer Jason Dickey died Monday after becoming trapped with other firefighters.

Moore said firefighter Kendall Sherrell was being treated in the intensive care unit at Southern Tennessee Regional Hospital, Capt. John Brewer and Capt. Brian Green were treated and released, and Capt. Wade Marsden, who serves as the New Prospect fire chief, was expected to be released Tuesday.

 Moore said the firefighters were trapped for about 10 minutes before a team was able to extricate them.

The collapse took place after the fire was out, according to Kevin Walters, a spokesman for the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office, who said the state agency is assisting local officials to find the cause and origin of the blaze.

“We lost a hero,” Lawrenceburg Fire Chief Jay Moore told local media. “We’ve lost a man that saved several lives in his 11-year career.”

Dickey was described as a loving, caring person. Moore asked for prayers for the family.

Additional details are included in the video below. If you cannot see it, it may be viewed HERE.

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