Firefighter Killed in Alleged Conspiracy by Wife

Suburban Dallas firefighter suburban Dallas firefighter, 47, was found dead in his truck with a gunshot wound on Friday night. Police have charged his wife, Chacey Poynter, 29, with conspiring to kill him. According to police, the University Park Fire Department captain’s wife was seen trying to flag down cars on a county road after allegedly shooting and killing her husband.

When apprehended, the widowed Poynter told police that her husband had been shot and was in the vehicle when it happened. However, the information she provided during her interrogation was conflicting, thus resulting in the police arresting her on conspiracy charges. She was being held in Hunt County Jail.

“I’m beside myself. I can’t believe it because they were both a sweet and nice couple as far as we could see,” said neighbor Judy Dixon, who shared similar sentiment with other neighbors who were shocked by the incident. The Poynters have a daughter entering first grade, and the small family had just returned from a trip to Mexico.

Police are also searching for another suspect who may have witnessed Ms. Poynter murdering her husband.


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