A hotel guest in Spain had to be rescued by fire crews after his testicles got stuck in a plastic chair.

The unidentified man, aged between 60 and 70, was sitting in the chair before taking a shower in his hotel room in Torrevieja, Alicante. Unfortunately, he was unable to stand up due to an embarrassing predicament.

The Daily Mail reports: Everything was going to plan until he tried to stand up and found his testicles had dropped through slats in the folding chair.

Even more embarrassing, the call-out led to three fire engines going to the scene to help the man who suffers from a mobility problem.

Because of this, he was being assisted by two carers who alerted the emergency services when they could not solve the painful problem.

The fire crews eventually cut away some of the plastic slats, which took over half an hour, but the hotel guest was freed and treated for minor injuries at the University Hospital of Torreviej.

The firemen that responded said some initially thought the call for help was a practical joke. Later, they agreed it was one of the strangest calls they had ever received.

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