The Fisher Sand and Gravel Company built one of the eight border wall prototypes for the Trump administration, and now they say they’re ready to take it a step further, according to a report in The Washington Examiner on Monday.

CEO Tommy Fisher says his company is capable of building a 700-mile long wall from the Pacific Ocean in California through western Texas. And they can do it within a six-year time-frame.

Fisher has informed the Department of Homeland Security that he already has a plan to attain all project materials, manpower, and even a warranty for the project, which would come in well under-budget at just $12.2 billion.

“We’re not advocating for a hodgepodge type of border system,” Fisher said, referring to comments from DHS about using technology and sensors at select parts of the border instead of a wall.

President Trump on Friday requested $18 billion from Congress to build 654 miles of border wall. The Examiner points out that Fisher’s plan would do it for two-thirds of that price as well as free the government from having to oversee all logistical and financing aspects of the project. Fisher also noted that all materials will have been made in the U.S.A.

Chosen as one of six companies last year awarded contracts to build wall prototypes near the San Diego, Calif., borde,. Fisher Sand and Gravel is the only one that offered the administration a comprehensive plan. The others only offered a 30-foot physical example of what the barrier might look like.

Fisher has reportedly secured construction partners with Caterpillar, CMC rebar, and Arizona Portland Cement Company. Liberty Mutual Insurance has offered two bonds — $10.8 billion and $1.3 billion — to fund the project.

According to Fisher, 70 percent of the funding would go toward the wall and 30 percent would be directed toward infrastructure surrounding the wall.

He further noted that roads should be constructed on both sides of the wall, including an elevated roadway that would give Border Patrol agents a better vantage point and the ability to quickly respond to illegal immigrant sightings.

The construction company’s new, patent-pending cast-in-form process will exceed DHS expectations and last for 150 years. Fisher claimed that after the materials are prepared, one mile of wall could be built each day.