First State Petitions to Grant ObamaCare to Illegal Aliens

California wants to become the first state to bypass regulations and extend ObamaCare to illegal immigrants. Covered California’s Executive Director Peter Lee sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell claiming the Affordable Care Act has been “tremendously successful” in the liberal state by cutting the uninsured rate in half.

Back in June, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing the golden coast state to apply for a federal waiver to open Covered California to residing illegal immigrants.

“While millions of Californians have benefitted from coverage purchased through the Covered California marketplace, certain individuals are prohibited from buying insurance through our state marketplace due to their immigration status,” Lee wrote, in request of the waiver. If the waiver is approved, it would allow 390,000 illegal immigrants to receive health insurance.

In 2009, Obama made an address to a joint session of Congress, saying ObamaCare would not apply to illegal immigrants. Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina had shouted “You lie!,” to which Obama immediately responded, “That’s not true. That’s not true.” It seems like Obama may have lied after all.

“This is the first step in another misrepresentation of the Affordable Care Act,” said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “It was sold to the American people on the fact that you wouldn’t have to subsidize health care for illegal immigrants.”


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