On a recent Facebook Live broadcast, as DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch spoke on the phone with supporters, one supporter named Tommy said he was planning to get a “Team DML” tattoo, and challenged DML to do the same. During the entertaining live broadcast, they both agreed to get matching tattoos to help show support for the growing Team DML movement.

However, a lady from Ohio has beaten them both in getting the first “Team DML” tattoo, and sent DML an email with a photo of her brand new tattoo late Friday night.

Along with the photo, Tracy in Ohio wrote to DML, “Good evening Dennis, I just got home from getting my 7th tattoo that I have had planned for over a year now, it was an awesome gift. I added a little detail, see if you can find it. I love it, the detail on it turned out great. I’m not trying to over shadow tattoo Tommy at all, I promise. It was crazy when you talked with Tommy on the phone about getting a tat with team DML in it,  and I had already planned to do it. No regrets! I love my country, and I will not give up on it,  never ever! Not that a tattoo is gonna change anything, but when I feel this strong about something i want to jump in completely to make a difference and get the TRUTH out. I too want my daughter and grandson to remember me fighting for OUR country and their future. Love from Ohio,  Tracy.  Ps. I emailed this instead of posting, so you are free to do whatever you want with this note.”

Touched by her patriotism and support, DML said, “Team DML should not be underestimated. I have amassed the most loyal, patriotic, smartest, toughest and generous people in America. And no matter how hard Facebook or any other entity tries to slow us down or dilute our message, it won’t work. The heart of Team DML is bigger than any words can describe.”

See photos of Tracy’s tattoo below.