A reader sent us a video of a Russian submarine emerging from the water near two fisherman.  The video had no sound, and the reader said they saw the video on a message board stating it happened on Oct. 2, and it was believed to have taken place on the coast of Alaska.  The reader asked why it was not reported in the media — could we do some research?

Here is the video we received:


We did a little bit of hunting and found the original video on Youtube with sound, and an article written about the incident on a Russian news website.  Yes, it is a Russian sub, but the two fishermen speak Russian and the video was taken somewhere in Russia, not outside Alaska.  So, when the rumor floats around the web in the days to come, don’t buy the story.

It’s still a pretty amazing video to watch. According to the Russian website, the man in the video says: ““Are you f*cking kidding me? Look my hands are shaking!”


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