Flags Ordered Removed From Fire Trucks

The Arlington Fire District in Poughkeepsie, New York recently made national headlines when it banned the American flag from flying on their fire engines.

A ceremony was held last Tuesday removing the flags after Arlington Fire Commissioner Chairman Jim Beretta demanded the removal of the flags citing, “liability during normal operations for our people and other motorists.” Apparently, the flying flags on the rear of the trucks was relatively new for the Arlington Fire District and Commissioner Beretta stated that the board had not been consulted.

Fire Chief Tory Gallante who was given the order to remove the flags from the backs of trucks on Monday commented that he was, “very disappointed with their direction.”

According to Beretta the Fire Board vote to remove the flags was three to two. Two board members “had no problem with it as long as it was safe and not in the way of operations,” Beretta added. Three board members “did have a problem with it.”

In new developments, it is reported by the Poughkeepsie Journal that Commissioner Beretta has reached out to Fire Chief Gallante in an attempt to offer a compromise and hopefully reach a positive resolution on the flag issue.

Gallante told the Journal his goal was “to have an initial conversation on how we might come to a compromise, some solution.”

Many other fire districts in the area fly flags on the back of their fire trucks and have done so for years.


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