Flight Attendant Starts Fire On Plane

A 23-year-old male American Airlines flight attendant got to be hero of the day when he “discovered” a fire in the rear lavatory of the plane, during a Dallas-to-Detroit flight on February 1st.  

After notifying the other flight attendants of the emergency, he extinguished the smoldering paper towels with a fire extinguisher.  The captain was notified, the control tower was alerted, and the plane made an emergency landing at the Detroit airport.  Thankfully, no passengers were injured.

But the smoke hadn’t cleared for the flight attendant – in fact, it’s just beginning.  The FBI arrested Tafoya-Montano on Monday after an investigation revealed that he was the one who set the fire aboard the airline on Feb. 1.

According to court documents, Johnathan Tafoya-Montano,made up several accident stories, but eventually admitted to authorities that he intentionally set fire to the rear lavatory’s paper towels using a green Bic lighter, and then put the fire out once it gained intensity.  

He had worked for American Airlines for about 18 months.   Tafoya-Montano is charged with “destruction of aircraft or aircraft facilities” and “false statements or entries generally.”  Among the conditions of his bond is that he cannot fly aboard an airplane without the permission of the court.

(Via USA Today)



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