Florida Man Tries to Buy BMW With EBT Card, Then Steals Car

Crime_Florida car theft 3

When dealership rejected his EBT card as payment for BMW, he returned that night and stole the car.

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Nicholas Jackson attempted to buy a $60,000 BMC at a Pompano Beach, Florida dealership on Thursday, using his credit card and an EBT card.  

That night, the BMW was stolen from the dealership, along with keys belonging to 60 other cars.    The car did not come with a full tank of gas, however – it ran dry at an intersection, and Jackson did not have the money to fill the tank.

Officers arrested Jackson and retrieved the BMW, along with the stolen keys.     He was given a free ride to jail, has been charged with grand theft auto and is being held on a $20,000 bond.

So far, food stamps is not an acceptable form of payment for a BMW.

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